Q: The difference between the purchase of property and why Hong Kong in the UK
A: roughly two property purchase program is not much difference; only difference is in the UK to purchase the property, when you find your favorite property decided to bargain, you must first apply After the formalities of loans, a loan approved by letter, before bargaining begins.
Q: option to purchase property in London What are the main?
A: London apartments in three: New (new built) Community Apartment (Mansion block) and the old house renovation (period house)
The new house is home to change very office building like.
Community is more modern apartment buildings, buildings look more retro, usually managed, but one has more than 20.
Old house renovation is the kind of movie see all white or yellow or red house in ancient times is a whole family, the early twentieth century cut the inside multi-family apartments.
Q: Rate of return on UK property how much?
A: In the City of London, the year of the rental rate of return of about 5% -6%
Q: In the UK buy what needs attention any guarantee?
A: The British real estate transactions process must be commissioned by the UK-registered lawyer assist buyers and sellers, lawyers generally charge a £ 2,000 ~ £ 2,800, full funding of all transactions through the account management oversight to ensure compliance lawyers, trade safe and secure.
Q: Britain has levied inheritance Well!?
A: There is. Personal estate tax exemption amounted to £ 325,000, if it is held both allowances can reach £ 650,000. If you are self space allowances can reach £ 1,000,000. Exceed the allowance of the estate tax rate is 40%.
Q: Why can apply for a loan interest rate may LTV how much?
A: Yes. Interest rate from 2.29% to 4.0%. Loans of up to 75% of housing prices.

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